Week 4 Live Hitting

Players,  I have put together a small video clip for week 4.  Please view this and work hard on 1 thing over the next several weeks until we meet again on the 6th of November.  Please feel free to call me with any questions, I encourage it.  As you watch the video you can pause with the spacebar and move forwards and backwards with the arrow keys.  We have covered specific things on each of you regarding your mechanics.  By watching and listening over and over, then doing tee work or soft toss right away it gives you the best chance for training your brain through productive reps.

Ella – Front Shoulder – Stay in.  you have quick hands but limited to outside pitch success.

Tanna –  Avoid double step, no need.  Swing with attack mentality.

Ashley Rogers – Elbows and Hands straight to the ball.  Cannot continue to drive back elbow into ribs causing Inside out swing.

Sara –  Use your length but control your lower body or length doesn’t matter.  Work on low tee driving middle and away.

Lily –  Front step closed, let it naturally open with the swing.  this allows you to use your hips to the fullest.  FINISH, FINISH, FINISH!

Katelyn –  Way to much pre swing movement. Take 300 swings in the next two weeks doing nothing more than controlling your entire body to contact.  Ball on tee, load and drive hand straight to the ball over and over.

Olivia –  Insider bat process.  Make sure when you step, you do not ope hips and leak out. Work on getting bat head to contact faster.  Bat speed drills constantly, timing will come but bat speed has to be developed.  you had a very good week #4

Ashley Bowes – 100x off tee swing through and see where your body aligns with the tee after you make contact.  Do this with inside, middle and outside.  See if you drive leg is still grounded.  You have strong potential if you can stay back.

Jade –  Minimize movement to maximize performance.  I like your work ethic and effort but we have to get you still before you swing.  To much up and down movement.  Take 100 swings on a basic tee.  Load and swing, nothing else.  Drive the ball up middle.

MC, Ashley Ellison and Kennedy we will video you at the next session.